Shout out to Tom and Frank
August 2, 2015
Shout out to Tom and Frank for helping us get into a vehicle even before we came down from Whatcom County. You made the experience so smooth and not stressful at all. We were in and out of the office within 2 hrs with a beautiful 2012 Jeep Patriot. It was a painless and very awarding experience
Marcus E.
They truly care about the customers
December 23, 2014
Vaughn Bourget found a lender, even with my poor credit, before I even showed up for my appointment. I drove home in a matter of hours in a new truck that was a perfect fit for me. I was not haggled or pressured and I felt that everyone I came in contact with was bending over backwards to make sure I left with a good experience. I left with an AWESOME experience. The manager even told me to call him if I had any questions about how to help repair my credit and this was after I already signed the papers. They truly care about the customers and are genuine professionals. Thank you so much Vaughn and Scott!
Scott M.
Lakewood, WA
Great Experience!
November 24, 2014
Tom and Scott helped me out a bunch! Tom worked his butt off to find me a car. this was a great experience for me, and I am looking forward to my credit score going up and up. everyone here that I dealt with was very nice and super helpful as well! Thanks guys!
Nick H.
Hassle Free
November 24, 2014
Getting the right help these days to do anything can be hard, but here it’s made easy and hassle free just the way it should be.
Trena D.
veryone has been the best
October 13, 2014
Everyone has been the best, Was working on a deal for a older car and then the Avenger came in and I made the switch, It all worked out, no problem. I will be back for all my car needs.
tell them Johanna sent you
October 18, 2014
If you're in need of a sweet drive away deal on a car, Please visit Best Chance Auto Loan ASAP. I have had a wonderful experience with them and will enjoy my new vehicle as well. Ask for Geoff or Scott and tell them Johanna sent you.
great customer service...I love it!!
October 6, 2014
I was worried about going to get a car. I knew my credit was not great and its hard to know who you can trust now days. That is why I am thankful to Cary and Geoff at Best Chance Auto. They were helpful, patient, and kind, which made my experience so wonderful. Thank you for your great customer service & my car...I love it!!
I thought for sure with my age and credit I was a lost cause
October 2, 2014
Geoff and Scott helped me a few days ago.Both were awesome! I thought for sure with my age and credit I was a lost cause for getting a car, so when my old beater car died on me I was worried. I came here on my day off to see how much I would have to put down and how long it would take me to save that up. Not only did they pick me up so I didn't have to take the bus, the spent all day working to get me into a car! They worked with me to get me driving again the SAME DAY. My payment is affordable and everything was explained clearly to me. Not once did I feel pressured or apprehensive about anything. Geoff worked so hard to help me, even though he probably lost money selling to me ;) he didn't treat me poorly because of my age, gender, or credit history, all things that have happened at places like car hop. Plus, Geoff and Scott were both fun to chat with and made the long process of car buying a little bit fun :) This will be where I come when I get my next car, and it will be where I send all my friends looking to get a car!
October 1, 2014
Best Chance Auto Loan, your team is AWESOME!! BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE!! Salesman Greg S is just amazing. I will recommend him to anyone and everyone!! One thing I noticed throughout my entire time there was, "he never said NO"!! I have been to many car dealers, big and small and the one thing I have heard from all of them is a "no we can't do that". I never felt pressured, nor did I feel like I was hopeless and will end up with a junk car. They are amazing, as well as Greg's manager "Scott"!! Scott is a great guy, he's very personable, friendly, and funny. I know I was not in good standing (credit-wise) but you guys went out of your way to get me into a decent, reliable, and affordable car. I will be back, that's a definite. Thank you all for all your help, I really appreciate everything you all have done for me. People, Kirkland of Ford is truly the way to go!!! I am very grateful with my purchase. ~Mata :)
Seriously THE BEST experience
October 14, 2014
Seriously THE BEST experience I've ever had at a dealership. Cary and Geoff worked so hard to get me into a vehicle I love, and somehow managed to get me financed as a first time buyer. These guys work so hard for their customers, they truly care and make you part of their family. They explained everything to me step by step so I understood exactly what was what, and overcame all obstacles. I will be a customer for life, I don't care if I have to drive coast to coast, it is so incredibly worth it. Thanks again y'all, you change lives daily and I'm the proof. Love Best Chance Auto Loan!!!
Hassle free fun experience
September 30, 2014
I came to Kirkland after visiting other dealers and coming away frustrated and no further towards buying a car than when I visited. I stopped in Kirkland and explained what I was looking at and they not listened but they heard me. I had just gone through a divorce, moved to a new resistance 1 month before and had a new job that I had been at only 1 week. All are red flags to lenders. Cary helped me understand my financing options and once I picked out a vehicle, Cary and Scott went to work. They both stayed well after hours so I could leave with a car and they stayed in touch via phone and email throughout the entire process. The car I wanted just came in and had not been processed yet so they worked hard to get everything ready for me so I could enjoy driving a new car right away. It took time for Cary and Scott to find financing that worked for me and what was most important to me is I trusted them and I enjoyed getting to know them. Buying a car is stressful enough, if you are going to spend the better part of a day with someone, you might as well have fun. Cary and Scott represent Ford well and are great assets for anyone looking for a hassle free fun experience.
Thank you Scott and Zino for everything you did for our family!
March 27, 2014
What an amazing experience! No one would finance me and I had given up trying to get a reliable car which my family desperately needed. I found an advertisement saying that Best Chance Auto Loan guarantees financing so I decided to put in an application. They got me into this van that I absolutely love! Plus they are helping me improve my credit! They were the nicest people and worked diligently to get me financed. Thank you Scott and Zino for everything you did for our family!
Leah C.
Bremerton, W
easiest car purchase yet
March 28, 2014
Geoff had the financing mostly done, found a good car at a reasonable price, and was done in less than three hours. There wasn't any back and forth for hours. Very nice experience with the easiest car purchase yet. I will be back.
Pat D.
Puyallup, WA
a happy and loyal customer
March 16, 2014
Buying a car can be a traumatic experience and all the guys at Best Chance Auto Loan made my car shopping experience quite enjoyable. With bad credit breathing down your back getting approved for an auto loan is nearly impossible, however with Scott and his team help I was able to walk away with financial approval and my dream car. I can’t thank Scott, Zino, Frank and even Chris for all the work that you all put into making me a happy and loyal customer. Thanks Best Chance Auto Loan. Aiyana K
Aiyana K
Kent, WA
Thanks Greg
March 4, 2014
I have never experienced such a smooth and quick process! Highly recommend Greg and crew!
Allie R.
Federal Way, Wa
February 18, 2014
Thanks guys!
Nicole L.
Kent, Wa
Thank You
February 22, 2014
I can't thank you enough for all the help John and everyone else provided!
Katie K.
Bellevue, WA
Best buying car experience ever
October 27, 2013
Best buying car experience ever. Scott and the guys were awesome in helping us get our first family car. The experience was fast and painless and we didn't deal with any pesky sales guys. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. Thanks again for the superior service.
Rosalyn & Jomar
Federal Way, Wa
Geoff @ Best Chance Auto was amazing
February 10, 2014
e went above and beyond the call of duty when searching for the right car for our family. Never tried to talk us into a vehicle that would not work for our needs. He stayed in constant contact with us and located a perfect vehicle for us. Even drove to my workplace to let me test drive. I cannot say enough about the professionalism exhibited by Geoff and all staff here. Absolutely will buy here again and again!
Jennifer B.
Granite Falls, WA
Best Experience EVER
February 6, 2014
This has been the best experience I have EVER had purchasing a car! I would send any of my friends to them.
Kristen H
Monroe, WA
Best Car Buying Experience
July 21, 2013
This was absolutely the BEST car buying experience we have ever had! We have a recently discharged bankruptcy so we really did not think it was possible to finance a vehicle. Spoke with Rich on the phone and explained what we were trying to do and that we did not want to waste anyone's time....his or ours...so don't have us come down if it is not going to happen. Everything he said he would do for us happened!! We were able to purchase a super nice vehicle with no money down!! Dealing with Rich and Best Chance Auto Loan was amazing!!! I would recommend them to everyone!!! If you are looking to purchase a car go see Rich Camacho at Best Chance Auto Loan.
Teresa W
Sultan, WA
Very happy
December 1, 2013
It was the best experience I have ever had purchasing a vehicle. Thanks
Ethan R.
Damon Brown was fantastic!
March 21, 2013
I just bought a 2010 Mazda 3 from here. Damon Brown helped me and he was fantastic! He didn't pressure me into anything and I got the car I really wanted. I love my car and I'm really grateful for all the help from The people at the dealership, especially Damon.
Regan B.
exceptional attention to every detail
January 4, 2014
Dave and Scott at Best Chance Auto Loan took care of my auto needs with exceptional attention to every detail,and in incredibly fast time. Will send all my family and friends to Dave and Best Chance Auto Loan. Thanks again. Gilbert
Gilbert P.
Thank You Best Chance Auto Loan
February 21, 2013
Best Chance Auto Loan has been one of the most helpful car dealerships Ive ever dealt with. Other dealerships have only pressured me to just buy any car. Here they actually wanted me to buy a car that would suits me and that I can afford. The car salesmen are some of the kindest, respectful, courteous, and helpful people I have encountered. I would reccomend my family, friends, and co-workers to come here. Scott and David did everything possible to help me be eligible for a vehicle. This is a wonderful place to go. This has been an absolute wonderful experience for me. I would return in the future. Thank You Best Chance Auto Loan Keiyanna
God bless Best Chance Auto Loan
May 16, 2013
They are the best people to work with. they took the time to make sure we where happy. They really care and that's a fact. The reason I went there was because of their online reviews and after talking to them that really cemented our decision so thanks to all of the guys !! Everybody should buy from them. God bless them.
Damon and Scott were very helpful
January 4, 2014
my experience at Best Chance Auto Loan was very pleasant. Damon and Scott were very helpful and informative. I do not have the best credit and both guys worked very hard to find a situation that would work for me. i am very pleased with my experience here and will definitely come back in the future.
Brian W.
genuinely nice!
June 12, 2013
It honestly surprised me how genuinely nice everyone seemed to be. A very nice older gentleman picked me up from home to get me to their location in Kirkland - 25 miles from where I live. As soon as I got there my finance manager, Damon Brown, immediately let me know what my options were and allowed me time to test drive vehicles of my choice. When my decision was made he worked with me (even though it was more than what was initially agreed upon) and even managed to charm my 5 month old daughter in the process. I'm extremely pleased with my experience there and plan on recommending them to as many people as I can.
Quala F.
great selection and great people
We were greeted at the door with a smile. They were all very helpful and let us browse around without being hounded like other dealers. They make great deals happen. The best buying experience, very friendly and fast, straight to the point with no games. thank you for the G35. I give them a 10 in customer satisfaction and I advise everyone to stop by Best Chance Auto Loan at Ford of Kirkland. great selection and great people.
September 28, 2013
great people, great deals, and overall great service
September 25, 2013
This was the best experience I have ever had with a car dealership. I received a great deal and walked out with a vehicle the same day. I would recommend them to anyone. they are great. Come to Kirkland and buy your car, great people, great deals, and overall great service.
Cheryl I.
Pleasant and Friendly
They were great!!! pleasant and friendly. Theye helped me out of a tough spot. Thanks.
Derrick B.
December 21, 2013
Geoff and Scott were great
December 20, 2013
Geoff Simons was very friendly and an honest sales person. He dedicated a lot of time to find the right vehicle for me and listened to all my requirements. He showed all the required information and details I needed to know. It was refreshing to work with someone who was very honest and helpful in understanding my vehicle needs and tried his best to make the sale feel less car sale like and more helpful in a way. Finance administrator Scott was a very nice person who gave his honest opinion about the financial products and did his best to find the best deal for me and negotiated with his management for me.
L. Torrres
Best and easiest vehicle purchase I have ever made
December 2, 2013
Purchasing a vehicle through Best Chance Auto Loan was the best and easiest vehicle purchase I have ever made. In the past I have been told by other dealers that I was pre-approved and to come on in. After I would get there and 5 to 6 hours later I would walk away with nothing or be told that the only thing I could get was a piece of crap they had picked out for me. So I was very skeptical when Greg called and left me a message and also e-mailed me saying I was approved. I arrived at the dealership at about 2:oo pm and drove off at about 4:15pm with a close to brand new vehicle. I was treated with dignity the whole time I was there. Highly recommend them to everyone, good or bad credit. Great sales team.
H. Livingston
Oak Harbor, WA
Outstanding service from Scott and Rich
November 17, 2013
I am overwhelmed with the service I have received here... I got carried away yesterday and purchased a car that was way out of my price range (my doing)... I know the laws in WA state and know they did not have to.. but Rich Camacho helped me find something better suited...I am very happy with the car they found for me today and I am more grateful than I can say! Thank you
Jackie M.
Happy Customer
July 24, 2013
I would like to say that Damon and Scott were great people to work with. I gave them all the info and they did all the work did not waste my time and got me a car that I like and was reasonable. I would go back for another car someday and will send people there way to get a car if needed.
Shana B.
Patient And Helpful
April 19, 2013
All of my questions and concerns were addressed fully and I was put to ease. I did not feel like I was being sold or handled. He was very patient and helpful throughout the entire process.

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