Bankruptcy Loan Program

bankruptcy loan program

Financing a new or used vehicle after declaring bankruptcy no longer has to be a hassle when you apply through Best Chance Auto Loan. We do not believe in letting previously declared bankruptcy dictate your credit’s future and bar you from finding the vehicle you need. When financing a new or used vehicle through Best Chance Auto Loan, we’ll help you find the perfect vehicle while rebuilding your credit.

Found a car you wanted from our inventory? Now it’s time for you to get pre-approved! You can even apply online to save time. With a pre-approved auto loan, you know how much you’ll qualify for, even before you visit us.

We Can Help You Get A Fresh Start!

Our credit specialists here at Best Chance Auto Loan stand ready to assist you with getting automotive financing after bankruptcy declaration. We have a large network of lenders and financiers at our disposal to help get you the lowest possible interest rate, along with flexible terms to fit your specific financial situation. And with so many lenders vying for your business, we are better able to work toward quick approval for your auto financing application.

Owning a reliable vehicle in today’s fast-paced world of countless commutes is a necessity. A poor credit score, or even having bankruptcy on your credit report, can make this seem inconceivable. But not when you finance through Best Chance Auto Loan, where we have trained finance professionals on-hand to help put you back on track toward credit growth get you approved for auto financing in cases of previous bankruptcy declaration.

Our specialists know that the trick to credit rebuilding after bankruptcy is showing reliability, by making on-time and consistent finance payments. Bankruptcy should not bar you from the ability to rebuild your credit. Our trained staff can help you get financed for a new or used vehicle after declaring bankruptcy.

The Best Chance Auto Loan financing department is here to answer all your questions and guide you through getting a great new car loan. If you have questions, feel free to contact us today!